What Feeds Your Soul?

I was in my mid-twenties when I began to discover that I like to be creative. I would eventually learn that this desire to create was as necessary as breathing. If I didn’t have an outlet for my creativity, if I had no way to be creative, or if I was not creative for a while, I got crabby and irritated. Now I didn’t learn this fact about myself all at once, but slowly over the years, because life is like that and has a sense of humor.

Growing up I took piano lessons. I found that I enjoyed the lessons, but even more I enjoyed just sitting and playing the piano. Especially as a teen when I was full of emotions and angst. I would go play a loud, angry and melodramatic song in a minor key. Pound. Pound. Pound. After half an hour or so, I felt much better and was now playing happy, tinkly, flowing songs.

I learned to knit when I was 5, crochet at 6, and sew at 7. And somewhere during that time embroider. Another outlet for my creativity.

Half way through my teens I told my first funny story to a group of girl friends at cheer camp. Hearing them laugh exhilarated me. It would take years, though, before I was good at telling funny stories. And years before I realized I enjoyed telling funny stories.

I married and suddenly had no piano. I felt lost, like a part of me was missing. Then my creativity took another turn. I started writing. Cooking and drawing were also turned into creative projects.

Now if someone had asked if I was creative way back then, I probably would have said no. But now I look back and see a pattern. So many things I enjoy, that I do as a hobby or when I have free time, are all creative endeavors.

Telling funny stories, which I turned into a podcast, Life as it Comes. Designing and sewing curtains for the house. Writing. Reading. Planning trips. Cooking. Painting the house or furniture. Cross stitch. Making jewelry. Taking pictures. The list goes on and on.

I have this desire to be creative, to use my God given traits and abilities to create and change things, to make the world a better place.  Being creative feeds my soul. Nourishes me and others. Brings joy.

What feeds your soul? Nourishes you? Makes your heart beat a little faster? What trait do you have that blesses others and the world?

Look at what you like to do, your hobbies, your gifts. Do you like to sky dive, paint china, teach, decorate, cook, design, travel, or sing. Make a list.

Now write down things you would like to do if you had the time, money, or had lessons.

Do you see a pattern? Do you like to invent things? Make things pretty? Organize things? Discover things? Create things?

Discover what makes your soul sing. Use it. Nurture it. Share it with others. Bless and inspire others. Multiply your talents.

Life is about attitude, so use it to your advantage. Use it for big things and small things. Use it to make boring and not so fun tasks more enjoyable.

I dislike cleaning bathrooms, but love the end result. One day I decided to think of ways I could make cleaning the bathrooms more creative. I can listen to a podcast or music. This brings out my creative side and stimulates future creative ideas while I am swirling a brush in the porcelain bowl. Sometimes I talk aloud and pretend I am giving a speech or telling a funny story to people.

There are all sorts of ideas and ways to do things. Harness what excites you and see if you can use it in other areas of your life.

Come on.

You can do it.

I know you can.

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The Friendship Moment of Change

I was reading a blog post about moving and missing old friends. I can relate to that! Been there, done that, moved 8 times. I started laughing to myself, thinking about a comment that was forming in my wrinkly gray matter. As I scrolled down to leave my thoughts, one comment caught my attention – wiped the grin from my face.

A female reader told how a close friendship had abruptly and painfully ended 20 years ago. She had been so hurt that she had never attempted to make another friend. She ended by saying, maybe it was time to reach out again.

Twenty years? Approximately1/4 of her life spent avoiding friendships.

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Life as it Comes; Episode 29

Hiding Things

A humorous podcast about life.Now I am not usually in the habit of hiding things on purpose in our house, except Christmas gifts and chocolate, but in our house anything in the fridge seems to be available for free range. If I buy a some ingredient for a special dinner, announcing to everyone not to eat it, I have a 50% chance that it will still be there when I need it.



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