Life as it Comes #007 | Busy the New Fine

Busy the New Fine

podcast-cover-9b300by225Sometimes we begin to doubt our self, which can lead to a disastrous overhaul of some area of our life. Sometimes though, we need to just keep being our self.





Join the Discussion:  In what area have you attempted to make a disastrous overhaul of your life, only to fine out it really isn’t the true YOU?

Description: Sometimes people make us doubt our self, which can lead to a disastrous life overhaul. A funny but heartfelt podcast reminding us to be ourselves.

4 Replies to “Life as it Comes #007 | Busy the New Fine”

  1. Great podcast! Funny and true. Felt like I was there. I have talked to several Mrs. A’s in my life. I have found out that in doing too much that it turns out to be never enough. The quality isn’t there anymore. Colleen

    • Colleen, Thanks for your honesty. And you are right. When is enough, ever enough? It’s good to remind ourselves that at the end of our life we won’t be wishing we had joined another committee and had a cleaner kitchen floor. Relationships with others will be what matters and what brings us the most joy.

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