Life as it Comes #12 | Bunny Foo Foo Here and There

Bunny Foo Foo Here and There

A humerous podcast about life.A young bunny, who likes to fill himself up early in the morning and in the cool of the evening, has been sneaking into my yard and gnawing away at the tender young parts of my perennials.







Join the Discussion: What animals are eating your yard? What dead animals have your pets brought as gifts into the house? Have you recently executed any 10 point jumps?

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Description: Time for a funny gardening story. In this podcast, a young bunny has been sneaking into my yard and gnawing away at the tender young parts of my perennials.

5 Replies to “Life as it Comes #12 | Bunny Foo Foo Here and There”

  1. Reminds me of when I thought our cat was bringing up a mouse onto the deck. (Which would be yucky enough) But it ended up being a young rabbit – still alive.(And proceeded to feast.) Really gross. Stayed out of the kitchen most of the day.

    • It is something most of us don’t want to see our cats do. Feasting in front of us. Our cat once came trotting to the front door with a bird in her mouth, which she had just caught. I yelled at her, which surprised the cat enough to open her mouth, and the bird sensing his freedom flew up and out of her mouth. Was quite the thing to see.

      • Hate to admit that I was mad at Mr. Mittens for a bit afterwards. But that is what he would do in the wild, how he was made. (still gross, though, lol) Cool with the bird flying to freedom!

  2. The deer are consuming apples and plums. They are looking slick and fat these days.yelling at them does no good! They stop feasting and stare fixedly at me.

    • Those pesky deer. When I was picking out some flowers to plant in my outside pots this year I asked an employee at the gardening store if there were certain flowers or plants the deer did not like. He just looked at me and said, “He hadn’t met any picky eating deer yet.”

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