Life as it Comes; Episode 13

Big Game Hunting at the Campsite

A humerous podcast about life.I had vision of relaxing by the campfire, lying in the shade of giant pine trees, and hiking along the meandering river. But this camping trip turns a bit wild when a guy with a squirt bottle decides he is going to eliminate the winged insects from the vicinity.





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6 Replies to “Life as it Comes; Episode 13”

  1. I took revenge on my horrid middle brother when he and I camped out together. He was 9 and I was thirteen. I socked him when he was asleep for all the mean things he did. He was (and is still) so ornery that (even though he was asleep) .he socked me back. I gave up on fighting with him, turned over, and went to sleep too.

  2. Colleen, that is so funny. I once woke up from a very vivid dream and punched my husband before I was fully awake. He groaned and asked me why I did that? I was a little groggy and surprised I had punched him, and then I remembered my dream. “Because you were so mean to me,” I said.

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