Life as it Comes #14 | The Art of Spraying

The Art of Spraying

A humerous podcast about life. Most people think spraying is easy. Little do they realize the self-control, the analytical math mind, and the sense of timing that accompany this job. It is a job not everyone should be trusted with. Anyone can spread soap bubbles on a car, but not everyone entrusted with a hose has enough self-control to resist spraying others.





Join the Discussion: Are you a sprayer or washer? And if a sprayer, can you usually get away in time without disaster?

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Description: A funny, family-friendly podcast episode on the best way to spray unsuspecting family members with the hose. A perfect podcast for a family road trip.

5 Replies to “Life as it Comes #14 | The Art of Spraying”

  1. When in high school, I once threw a water balloon directly at my sister’s friend’s face – since I “KNEW” that I would “NEVER” hit my target. Never say never – I felt soooo bad!!!! So, I guess I won’t go near you with a hose & you might want to steer clear of me with water balloons, hahaha.

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