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Sometimes a quick trip to the grocery store and self-checking a cart of items turns into your worst nightmare. How quick can you say self-checkout? A lot quicker than it actually takes to argue and wrestle items past the irritating robot voice.




I don’t know who designed this self-checking machine, but the person had to be tone deaf. Maybe even deaf. The voice is a mixture of crabby, bossy, self-righteous, incredulous, and fingers on the chalkboard irritating. It causes grown men to cry, women to kick it, and children to wet the bed.


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Description: Sometimes self-checking a cart of groceries turns into your worst nightmare. Another free episode of this funny podcast about everyday life.

6 Replies to “Life as it Comes #15 | The Irritating Robot Voice”

  1. How funny (and true). I do not like them and choose a human being every time. Computers and/or robots are taking over our lives. I vote that people matter. Let’s insist that we deal with people and not a machine. Press 1 for English or press 2 for any other language! I hope this writer discusses what it is like to get help over the telephone using an automated system. Great subject matter.

    • Yes, that’s another good subject matter. Having to press 29 buttons to answer the robot voice prompts before you are on then put on hold with the hopes of eventually talking to a live person via phone. My vote would be to deal with people every time.

  2. LOL. Your story is amazing. BTW your robot voice was on point almost sounded as utterly despicable as the real thing. Keep up the great work, Theresa. Good luck on your next self checkout trip.

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