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Shopping Pains


A humerous podcast about life.

So when did grocery shopping lose some of its charm? I used to love to go as a child, and now . . . I’d rather clean the bathrooms or babysit twins.






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Join the Discussion : What task do you dislike doing? What are your thoughts on grocery shopping? What do you do to make grocery shopping or an unpleasant task fun?

Description: Sometimes something that was fun as a child, like grocery shopping, becomes such a chore as an adult. Another funny podcast that finds humor in daily life.

6 Replies to “Life as it Comes #21 | Shopping Pains”

  1. Would this author and writer enjoy on line grocery shopping? She could sit at a computer and order. The store could deliver to her home. She could spend even more time on podcasts! This is an option to consider.

    I stretch out a task that I dislike and break it down into smaller components. I can more easily accomplish a hated task in smaller timeframes and smaller bites. If I do not do it that way, I procrastinate for eons.

    • Online grocery shopping? Good suggestion. I have never tried it, but it would save time.

      Good idea about breaking a larger task into smaller tasks. It reminds me of the story of eating an elephant one bite at a time until it is gone.

  2. My favorite day of the week was Wednesdays growing up. That was grocery shopping day with my mom & my Memere. Now, going into the store sans kids is a treat! LOL!

  3. Grocery shopping is not my problem. (I will trade you bathrooms for shopping every day of the week!) It is when Hubby keeps putting odd/weird items in the cart and then expects me to figure out how to cook it and make it taste good! LOL

    • Hey, Bliss. That’s why I try to go when hubby is busy. LOL

      I announced I was going grocery shopping on Saturday, and hubby, bless his heart, offered to accompany me if I wished. Now I know shopping is something he hates more than I do, so I said thank you but not this time. Made it easier in the long run. It’s better if we bond over shopping together at Lowes and not groceries. LOL

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