Life as it Comes #23 | Mother of the Bride Dress

Mother of the Bride Dress

podcast-cover-8bWho would have thought that choosing out a mother of the bride dress would be so complicated? Rules and etiquette points swirled faster than dust in direct sunlight. The hunt for the elusive mother of the bride dress was off and running, but bagging the game was not as easy as I thought it would be.



Listen to this amusing real life story; you probably need a smile . . . perhaps even a laugh.


Join the Discussion: CDWC (Chief Dish Washer and Cook). PTA (Person to Ask). OBTM (One Busy Tired Mom). What are some acronyms that define you?

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Description: A funny podcast about finding a mother of the bride dress, despite all the rules and etiquette that must be observed. A humorous story especially for moms.

12 Replies to “Life as it Comes #23 | Mother of the Bride Dress”

    • Thanks for listening Sue. Yes, that is one of the goals, not to embarrass others or ourselves. I remember the bride did give me a thumbs up when she saw my dress before the wedding. I am sure you looked lovely yourself,

  1. I had absolutely no idea regarding the dress rules for the MOB and the MOG. I learned something from this blog. It is funny ha ha that the FOB and the FOG do not have these pressures! (They are expected to keep quiet and pay the bills! LOL). Thank you for another humorous blog.

  2. Theresa, What a sweet and funny podcast! I love your sweet spirit that shines through your words. So happy to visit with you today…I clicked over from Holley’s link-up. God bless you!

  3. I tell my kids when I am becoming DJ&MH. Dr. Jekyle (sp?)& Mrs. Hyde – when my patience is being worn thin & I soon will not take it anymore, lol!
    So many rules for the dress….ahhhh!

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