Life as it Comes #25 | Turkey Day

Turkey Day


A humorous podcast about life.Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of year. A large or small gathering centered around great food. Turkey, cranberries, and pies. Especially the pies. A day to laugh, fellowship, watch football, and share gratitude. A day of leftovers and then more quality leftovers. Happy Thanksgiving!



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Description: Why does Thanksgiving get so complicated as you grow up? And what can we do about it? Listen to this funny story podcast and find out.

4 Replies to “Life as it Comes #25 | Turkey Day”

  1. You think you want to check into that Hotel, you would miss the mouths stuffed with mashed potatoes and the burping contests. When it is just you, or you and your spouse, Thanksgiving is very lonely. With or without all the food, it is just another day. Not a special day.
    So invite your family and friends and enjoy the day. Sit at the kids table and see how full you can stuff your mouth! Try to burp, laugh and be thankful you can.

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