Life as it Comes; Episode 26

Trying Not to Laugh when Pretending to Sleep

A humorous podcast about life.Sometimes by late afternoon I am tired. My eyelids are having trouble staying pert and unfurled. My attention is wandering. And I feel I could topple over into a deep sleep if I relaxed or sat down for more than 3 seconds.

But sometimes when you need a nap, events conspire against you.



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4 Replies to “Life as it Comes; Episode 26”

  1. Ever need a nap so bad that you put your forehead down on your desk, fall asleep only to hear the front door open, so you jerk your head up and try to pretend you were awake with this red spot on your forehead? Don’t try it. Go to your car for a “minute”, “use” the bathroom, but don’t sleep on your desk. Under it, Yes, on it, No. True story!

    • Oh no, Bliss. that could be embarrassing.

      Yes sleeping away from the desk is a good idea. At one place I worked I would sneak into the attic and sleep on a window seat covered in rug. As this was before cell phones, I always hoped I would wake before lunch was over. Usually the crick in my neck woke me in time.

  2. I used to put oldest child & myself into the nursery, close the door & sleep on the floor in front of the door while he played in the room just so I could get some rest.
    And, the kids are still “elephants” when they are “tiptoeing” around in the morning – sigh

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