Life as it Comes; Podcast #30 | Front Yard Spectacle

Front Yard Spectacle

A humorous podcast about life.Why is it little boys feel that the grass on the other side of the yard always needs watering? And why do they feel it is their responsibility to personally douse it, and douse it good. Even if there is a clean and sanitized bathroom only 50 feet away from where this enticing dry grass is struggling to grow. Young boy to the rescue! Instant front yard spectacle!



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Description: Why do little boys feel that the grass always needs watering? A funny episode in this family-friendly podcast. especially for families with small boys.

18 Replies to “Life as it Comes; Podcast #30 | Front Yard Spectacle”

  1. Great podcast! Funny and sweet all at the same time. ( although I was greatly surprised about her husband! Quite possibly the neighbors are entertained by his antics. )This author/writer has managed to teach something meaningful in a humorous way.

  2. Yes, it seems as though men will always find ways to be able to relieve themselves outside.

    I now live in Mississippi, and at parties, or any gathering for that matter, the men just go around a corner and relieve. Two pickups can stop in the middle of the road and chat. If one driver (or passenger) have to go, they keep talking and hide their front parts around the side of the pickup. Even though they are flashing the whole road. Or if a group of us are going somewhere and there is a nice bridge, like clock work, all the men jump out and go off the bridge!
    When I have to go too, it makes me wish God had built me with a convenient way to do the same!! Lol

  3. As the author’s husband, I am very conscious of the environment. I recall the slogan from environmentalists years ago that was aimed at saving water, “If it’s yellow, let it mellow. But if it’s brown, flush it down.”

    As someone who wants to encourage you to save water, please consider my new slogan: “You too can be an environmental pro, just step outside and make the green grass grow.”

    A challenge to you other budding environmentalists (who might also happen to be female), how are you going to save water and make the green grass grow? LOL

  4. Well, I’m not suggesting anyone create a big backyard movement. But am encouraging the environmentally conscious to use discretion through the cover of darkness or perhaps with a nice backyard privacy hedge. Or, maybe if you’re in Bliss’ neighborhood, the need for privacy might not be a huge consideration.

    Anyone know someone who makes bumper stickers? LOL

  5. Hahaha. Yep. Married my husband and inherited a brother in law too. Went out to join them in the snow one day and discovered they had “written” their names in the snow. Full grown men. It’s a magical experience I don’t understand, but I love that boys are boys! Thanks for sharing!

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