Life as it Comes Podcast #33 | True Green and Garage Chaos

True Green and Garage Chaos

A humorous podcast about life.When it sounds like a cannon has just been fired off your roof, the sound is often coming from something else. Unless you live in London next to Mary Poppins. Clue two: It is rarely your refrigerator slamming forward to the kitchen floor. So what could it be? Listen to this story podcast and solve the mystery.



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8 Replies to “Life as it Comes Podcast #33 | True Green and Garage Chaos”

  1. This writer’s voice is very soothing. I like her descriptions of events. I do not have to be present, I can easily picture it in my mind. I hope the young guy who forgot the truck was not fired, especially if his boss was upset. Also, the author and her husband were kind to the owner and employee in a Christian way. So many people nowadays would be ranting and raving at the circumstances. Good for them!

  2. Theresa,
    This is wonderful – you held my teen daughter’s interest through the whole thing! I admire how you could find a good moral out of it…and how well you took it all…
    Thanks for sharing it at Coffee and Conversation this week 🙂

  3. I, too, have made some mistakes where your heart drops down into your shoes – not a fun feeling. You were salt & light of Christ with the young man. 3 cheers!

    • Thanks Sherry. I would want someone to do the same for me. Especially since I know I will have more of those heart drops down into my shoes moments sometime or somewhere in the future. Blessings.

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