Life as it Comes Podcast #35 | Try Again! No, Again!

Try Again! No, Again!

A humorous podcast about life.Sometimes your problem is so different, that when you call customer service to report it, they don’t take you seriously. In fact they think you may be making it up! This is what happened when I called the phone company to finally report our problem. But, come on! Weird things can be true. Even if there is no box for customer service to mark because no one has ever called about a problem like this before.


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Description: Sometimes your problem is so weird, that when you call customer service, they don’t take you seriously. Listen to this podcast with funny everyday stories.

12 Replies to “Life as it Comes Podcast #35 | Try Again! No, Again!”

  1. Wow nice podcast. Almost like when you say something which is true and no one believes or its widely used as an excuse. Really frustrates me when you can’t say what actually happened because no one believes you!!

  2. Got the chuckles from this story. I could feel the irony and frustration on both sides of the conversation! I once talked to a computer company that took a survey on me while I was explaining the problem. When they asked my age, I got the clue.

    Another time I called a manufacturer and was assisted by their outsourced staff in India. The employee kept calling me mister Colin. This (somewhat) fried my potatoes.

    What are you gonna do? We live in a computer age.

  3. Had a some what same problem for a long time with my office phone. Every time I called the restaurant on the corner I would get a busy signal. No matter how many times I called….Busy. Then I would call on my cell phone and like magic I would get through. No, no one had been on the phone at the restaurant.

    Life. Lol

    • Bliss, this sounds suspiciously similar to my problem. I suppose you could call and be on hold for half a month and then try to convince the customer service person that something really is wrong with the phone, or you could just continue using your cell phone. LOL Yes, life!

  4. Wonderful podcast! I can’t recall a similar situation in my life at the moment, but I’m sure I’ve experienced something others didn’t believe. This helps me to believe the stories of others… no matter how weird they may seem. Thanks!

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