A Letter to My Daughter: Remember This

Guest Post at Prayers for Girls

Theresa BoedekerSometimes spoken words do not make it past our daughter’s ears.

And sometimes what has been working before, no longer works in the relationship, like tickling and hugging the frown off her face. When this happened to me, I turned to pen and paper and wrote a letter to encourage my daughter.

Dearest Ashley, Remember I always wanted you. From the time I missed my period, I prayed you would be healthy and spunky.  Continue reading here . . .



Life as it Comes; Podcast #36

Wanted by the Vitamin Police

A humorous podcast about life.Sometimes communication is much harder than is seems it should be. And sometimes confusion happens with perplexing results. Listen here and find out what happens.







Blog Post: Things to Remember

Yay for Mistakes! Part 11 | Dealing With Critical Words From Mistakes

You know the feeling. You are trying to do your best and someone starts shooting words that send you for a loop. Words that make you want to hide in the back of the coat closet. Words that cause you to start doubting yourself and think something is wrong with you. Words that snatch your smile, send your emotions for a look, and erase your worth away in an instant. Words that bruise you, but leave no outward mark.  Continue reading here . . .

Guest Post at Missional Women

Encouraging Spring’s Potential In Others

Winter is my least favorite time of the year.

Trees are bare wood pointing towards nothing in particular. Flowers have sunk into the ground. Perennial bushes sport clumpy circles of dried leaves at their feet. Even the grass lies dormant.

Nature seems closed for the season. Gray and brown starkness lingers.

Slowly as spring swings into the hemisphere, I rejoice. Nature clothes itself in green leaves. Bright colored flowers shoot forth for bees to pollinate. The sun shines brighter and longer. Creation bursts forth in song, color, and symphony. Continue reading here . . .

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Yay for Mistakes! Part 10 | Letting Go To Make Mistakes

We have one at home, the other launched in the world.

One is asking what is for dinner. One is asking what to make for dinner.

One is shopping for Legos. One is grocery shopping.

One is learning basketball skills. The other is learning to manage a home.

One is dependent, one is married.

One is in middle school and learning a work ethic. The other has completed graduate school and worked as a reference librarian.

One is an uncle, the other a new momma.  Continue reading here . . .

Life as it Comes; Podcast Episode #35
Try Again! No, Again!

A humorous podcast about life.Sometimes your problem is so different, that when you call customer service to report it, they don’t take you seriously. In fact they think you may be making it up! This is what happened when I called the phone company to finally report our problem. But, come on! Weird things can be true. Even if there is no box for customer service to mark because no one has ever called about a problem like this before.  Listen to this story podcast here . . .


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Yay for Mistakes! Part 9 | Dealing With Really Big Mistakes

It was a sunny fall day. We had just left my mother’s home and were driving down the road with my step-father. It seemed the beginning of an adventure as we were chatting and laughing about leaving on time, the sunny day, and our afternoon festivities.

I glanced at my husband, and admired his good looks. I peeked at our five-year-old daughter behind my seat. I glanced down the road and saw a dump truck coming up the hill. I felt giddy with joy in the moment.

The next thing I remember is a school bus starting to turn into our lane. She is going to stop, I think. She didn’t. Continue reading here . . .

Blog Post: Things to Remember

Yay for Mistakes! Part 8 | Some Mistakes Are Really Blessings in Disguise

Sometimes I make a small ruckus before my birthday, just to remind everyone it is coming up, and sometimes I don’t. Well a few years back I didn’t. It snuck up on me, like a cat on padded feet. I gave the month-in-advance warning, maybe the two-weeks warning, and then silence.

I woke up the day of and no one said anything. I was a little surprised, but decided to not say anything because perhaps it meant they were planning a bigger surprise for that evening. Or maybe they were employing the we-will-ignore-your-birthday-trick, to make you think we forgot, and then surprise we didn’t. Continue Reading here . . .

Life as it Comes | Podcast Episode #34

Chinese Fire Drill

A humorous podcast about life.Sometimes you just need to throw caution to the wind on a dark, rainy night and try something a little daring. Chinese Fire Drill anyone? Around an old blue VW bug! Everything is going good until shortly thereafter, revolving lights are noticed in the rear view mirror.

Listen to this humorous story podcast here . . .


Blog Post: Things to Remember

Yay for Mistakes! Part 7 | Mistaking Paradise

Why do we search so hard for and dream about a mistake free day? The perfect day? 24 hours in paradise?

I know I would never turn down a day that was encircled by a mistake-free-zone. Where the mistakes and foibles of others and myself had no influence or effect on my current day. Had no tendrils that reached into the next day and the next.

But is utopia the best place for us to reside?   Continue reading here . . .

Blog Post; Guest Post at Christen Spratt

Offering Hope to the Interrupted Mom

It’s one of those days. Interruptions abound. They just won’t leave me alone.

Claire, stops by to pick up her large green parrot who I’ve been babysitting for three weeks and whose cage I frantically cleaned this morning. She chats and plays with her bird. Meanwhile, I’m thinking, take him home and let me get back to the numerous projects on my to-do list.

A charity calls, asking for a donation. “Don’t you want to be one of those people who help a dying child’s dream come true?” I mumble yes. “Great, I’ll connect you with Joanne who will go over your information.” I clutch the phone, rolling my eyes, feeling guilty that I am so impatient, when dying children are waiting for their dreams.

Continue reading at Christen Spratt – Offering Hope for Mom’s in the Trenches — where I am guest posting

Blog Post; Things to Remember

Yay for Mistakes! Part 6 | Mistaking Our Worth

My red-haired friend from Grad school calls me. The one who is a writing sister and who encouraged me to teach English, like she did.

She had just had her 60th birthday.

“Why?” she asks, “Do I still feel like I am still a little kid who hasn’t yet figured out life or even gotten her life together?”

I am not sure what to say. This is my friend who when we chat we always laugh more than be serious. We even end up laughing about serious things. Like her husband divorcing her for a younger woman, or me lying in bed for months with a broken back. Not because these things were funny, but because it relieved our stress and  the hardship of life. And because for a moment we glimpse hope and the end of the thing. Continue reading here . . .

Life as it Comes | Podcast Episode #33

True Green and Garage Chaos

A humorous podcast about life.When it sounds like a cannon has just been fired off your roof, the sound is often coming from something else. Unless you live in London next to Mary Poppins. Clue two: It is rarely your refrigerator slamming forward to the kitchen floor. So what could it be? To solve the mystery, listen to this story podcast here . . .



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Yay For Mistakes! Part 5 | Quieting a Myth of Mistakes

My son sat next to me, sadness radiating from him.
“What’s wrong?’ I ask.
“I hate it when people get angry with me.”
I nodded.
“And when I disappoint people.”
I nodded again.
“If I could just always say and do the right thing and not make mistakes, then no one would be angry at me again.”   Continue reading here . . .

Blog Post; Things to Remember

Yay For Mistakes! Part 4
How to Let Our Children make Mistakes and Fail

It was the first overnight birthday party my daughter had been invited to since we had moved half way across the continent and she had started a new school.

Excitement buzzed in the air as we drove home and she regaled me with all the details. All the seventh-grade girls would be attending.

Everything seemed in order until Ashley mentioned the movies they were going to watch. All were fine, except one. A scary movie.  Continue reading here . . .

Life as it Comes; Podcast Episode #32

Things to Avoid Saying, Especially When Others Are Around

A humorous podcast about life.Somethings are better left unsaid. Especially if others are within a 25 foot radius. An empty house is a good bet, but this is hard to come by if you reside with others. Listen and learn from some of my past foot-in-mouth experiences. Listen to this story podcast here…




Blog Post; Things to Remember

Yay for Mistakes! Part 3
Responding to Our Children’s Mistakes

Many of us are afraid of making mistakes because we associate making mistakes with something bad. Something to be avoided at all costs.

I developed this attitude as a child. I lived in fear of doing or saying the wrong thing. Of making a mistake and people not liking me. Of embarrassing myself. Of my pride being hurt. And worst of all, of not being loved. Continue reading here . . .

Blog Post; Things to Remember

Twinkling Mom

Christian stamps his foot hard against the tile floor, imitating his mother’s Irish dancing. He stamps three times in a row and laughs, proud of his accomplishment and the sound reverberating through the air.

Sure, I taught him those complicated dance moves, to eat with a spoon, say please, grunt when lifting, and scoot backwards down the stairs, but during our 21 months together he’s taught me things much more valuable. Because of his toddler tutelage, I have a brighter motherly shine.  Continue reading here at Kindred Mom where I am guest posting.

Blog Post; Things to Remember

Yah for Mistakes! Part 2, How to Respond

Mistakes happen. Everyday. All the time.

Live long enough and you’ll make some. Try something new and you will make mistakes.

So how can we respond that turns making mistakes into our advantage?   Continue reading here . . .

Life as it Comes; Podcast Episode 31

Have You Pulled a Theresa?

A humorous podcast about life.This podcast takes a humorous look at making mistakes. It also ties in with my blog series on mistakes. I don’t know about you, but my life seems full of making mistakes. There are so many to make and so many combinations that life is never dull. In this story podcast I categorize some of these goof ups. Or as my daughter and I like to call these mistakes, ‘pulling a Theresa.’

Listen here to this story podcast . . .

Blog Post; Things to Remember

Yah for Mistakes! Part 1, What Do You Do?

Okay! Your day is going pretty good. You’re cruising from one thing to another. Ticking off the boxes and lo and behold accomplishing some stuff. You’ve even had your first cup of coffee or tea. You are dressed. I mean, dressed in something you would not be embarrassed to answer the door in. Clothes you could leave the house wearing without wondering how much the car door really covers you and how much other commuters can see of you.

You are going along fine and then bam!!! You make a mistake.

Nothing earth shattering, but an honest to goodness mistake.

What do you do when you make a mistake?  Do you yell, “Yeah for mistakes!”    Continue reading here . . .

Blog Post; Things to Remember

Do You Feel Outside the Circle?

Do you ever feel like you don’t fit in? That you are different from everyone else? That you belong about as much as a circle in a room of hexagons?

I think we all sometimes feel this way.

Sometimes it seems we really don’t fit in. Maybe we are the odd woman out. The only homeschooling mom in a room full of business women. The only redhead in a room of blondes. The only twenty something in a room of fifty and overs. The solitary man among a bus load of women. The one Republican among Democrats. The apartment dweller surrounded by home owners. The lone Methodist amidst Catholics. The one dog visiting the cat museum. The only person breathing at the mortuary.   Continue reading here . . .

Life as it Comes; Podcast Episode 30

Front Yard Spectacle

A humorous podcast about life.We were three mothers standing in the cul-de-sac chatting about trivial things and nothing in particular. In the middle of a good laugh, my neighbor to the south glances at my front yard. Faster than a gate can swing shut in a cough of wind, her mouth flew open and her eyes gained maximum orbit. She tried to say something, but only a few scratchy rounded vowel tones emerged from her tonsils. My neighbor to the north and I stopped talking and turned to see what awesome or shocking thing had this mother of one adorable 6 year old girl so speechless and stupefied. Having had brothers and currently raising a boy or two, we just burst out in laughter at the sight. “There he goes again,” my north neighbor stuttered between giggles.” Listen to this story podcast here . . .

Blog Post; Things to Remember

What Feeds Your Soul?

I was in my mid-twenties when I began to discover that I like to be creative. I would eventually learn that this desire to create was as necessary as breathing. If I didn’t have an outlet for my creativity, if I had no way to be creative, or if I was not creative for a while, I got crabby and irritated. Now I didn’t learn this fact about myself all at once, but slowly over the years, because life is like that and has a sense of humor. Continue reading here . . .

Blog Post; Things to Remember

The Friendship Moment of Change

I was reading a blog post about moving and missing old friends. I can relate to that! Been there, done that, moved 8 times. I started laughing to myself, thinking about a comment that was forming in my wrinkly gray matter. As I scrolled down to leave my thoughts, one comment caught my attention – wiped the grin from my face.

A female reader told how a close friendship had abruptly and painfully ended 20 years ago. She had been so hurt that she had never attempted to make another friend. She ended by saying, maybe it was time to reach out again.

Continue reading at Life Letter Cafe where I am guest posting . . .

Life as it Comes; Podcast Episode 29

Hiding Things

A humorous podcast about life.Sometimes we deliberately hide something, and sometimes it is accidental.

Now I am not usually in the habit of hiding things on purpose in our house, except Christmas gifts and chocolate, but in our house anything in the fridge seems to be available for free range. If I buy a some ingredient for a special dinner, announcing to everyone not to eat it, I have a 50% chance that it will still be there when I need it.     Listen to this story podcast here . . .

Blog Post; Things to Remember

Reacting to Pain

The other day I got a text from a friend that was pretty sarcastic.

Now we all know that texts can be ambiguous. They are condensed, and they can be conveying something different than what we want because spell check can change a word here and there until we wonder what we really were trying to write. Continue reading here . . .

Blog Post; Things to Remember

Choosing to Notice the Graces of Life

They encircle me. My job is to notice them. Rejoice in them. Be thankful for them. I step out of bed and my feet hit the floor. Gravity is still in effect. No ceiling walking today. The sun shines through my window. Again it has risen.

The birds belt tunes from the fence top. The toothpaste lid is where it should be. Warm water sprays my tired body. My husband greets me with a hug. My child with a jump, some nonsense words, and a big smile ending in a full body-almost-land-on-the-floor hug.

Continue reading here . . .

Life as it Comes; Episode 28

Traveling Toilet Seats

A humorous podcast about life.When our toilet seat breaks, sending someone sliding to the floor, my son and I hatch a new plan. The Traveling Toilet Seat Plan. No laughing, please. This may be one  you want to implement too. Just remember, you first heard about it here.

Listen to this story podcast here . . .



Blog Post; Things to Remember

Living in a Different Land and Reality

I watch my son build a Lego city. A round parking garage takes shape. High rises sprout around the city with various roof top designs. One triangular, one tall and spiky, one with a fly through. A park is installed in the middle of the city, which sits alongside a riverfront.

We talk about the city. Add various Lego shaped blocks to building tops. He adds some Lego people. The city grows. It looks believable.

But does it look believable enough to join the world? Would you want to stop your current life and live in a Lego City?  How about a Lego movie?  Continue reading here. . .

Life as it Comes; Episode 27

The Big Whopper of a Whopper

A humorous podcast about life.Why is it we believe that if we plan things, they will turn out perfectly? Or at least according to our plan? I do this all the time. And then get disappointed when my day doesn’t go as planned, when my best laid plans take a 126 degree detour, when interruptions riddle my day until it looks like everything is sinking to the bottom of the lake. Sometimes it seems Murphy’s law settles in at my house with the sole goal of laughing at my plans.

If you can relate, don’t worry, you are in good company. These speed bumps, the unexpected, the surprises and broken patterns serve a purpose in our lives.

Listen to this story podcast here and find out what to do when Murphy’s Law camps at your house.

Blog Post; Things to Remember

Mary and Christmas

mary-and-christmas-1Christmas gets closer and I think of Mary.The Mother of Jesus.

When the angel appeared to Mary, did she have any idea as to what she was promising to do? Did she know she that as a pregnant unwed girl the town would talk about her? Judge her? Did she realize that people would not understand or believe her explanation of why her belly was growing? Did she even try and explain this mystery? Did her family believe her and support her?  Continue reading here.

Life as it Comes; Episode 26

Trying Not to laugh When Pretending to Sleep

A humorous podcast about life.Sometimes by late afternoon I am tired. My eyelids are having trouble staying pert and unfurled. My attention is wandering. And I feel I could topple over into a deep sleep if I relaxed or sat down for more than 3 seconds.

But sometimes when you need a nap, events conspire against you.

Listen to this story podcast here


Blog Post; Things to Remember

The Latest News from Here

latest-news-2My Biggest Blunder: (or foot in mouth)

Two ladies and I were chatting. Along came the topic of looks and aging and being shocked when looking into the mirror.

Friend A “My husband says I am beautiful, even with my defects.”

Me: “Of course he does.”    Continue reading here . . .

Life as it Comes;  Podcast Episode 25

Turkey Day

A humorous podcast about life.Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of year. A large or small gathering centered around great food. Turkey, cranberries, and pies. Especially the pies. A day to laugh, fellowship, watch football, and share gratitude. A day of leftovers and then more quality leftovers. Happy Thanksgiving!

Listen to this story podcast here . . .


Blog Post; Things to Remember

Isn’t It Wonderful?

isint-it-wonderful1Isn’t is wonderful that life has so amazing things in it for us to enjoy. Like the crisp, fresh, feel of a freshly made bed? Ponder some amazing things and every day things that make life so much more wonderful. Continue reading here . . .



Life as it Comes; Podcast Episode 24

Socks and the Myriad of Possibilities

A humerous podcast about life.When my husband finds a hole in the toe of his black dress sock, he just doesn’t seem to appreciate the numerous possibilities I come up with to reuse and recycle his sock. Now granted, not every idea that pops up in my womanly brain is a keeper, But out of a jumble of prolific ideas there most probably will be a few gems that could possibly change the world. Or at least the sock into something more usable.

Listen to this story podcast here . . .

Blog Post; Things to Remember

When Self-Expectations and Reality Collide

selfexpectations8A girlfriend stops by with her two boys and picks up my sonster one Friday afternoon and off they go to the swimming pool. Fifteen minutes later they are back. It is sprinkling, the sun has disappeared, and the weather suddenly has turned temperate for summer. The water is even colder.

“Sorry we couldn’t swim today,” she says.

We stand on the front porch and chat a few minutes.  Continue reading here

Life as it Comes; Podcast Episode 23

Mother of the Bride Dress

podcast-cover-8cWho would have thought that choosing out a mother of the bride dress would be so complicated? Rules and etiquette points swirled faster than dust in direct sunlight. The hunt for the elusive mother of the bride dress was off and running, but bagging the game was not as easy as I thought it would be.

Listen here for the whole story podcast.


Blog Post; Things to Remember

Wrestling with Guilt

wrestlingwithguilt10I had been wrestling for the last several days with this decision. Waffling back and forth like a ping pong ball in constant motion during a tournament.

Yes, no. No, yes.

“I need your help,” I told my hubby, a whine in my voice and frustration oozing from my pores.

“About what?” he asked.

“I need to make a decision.” Finish reading here . . .

Life as it Comes; Podcast Episode 22

The Toilet Paper Mystery

A humerous podcast about life.

There are a number of mysteries surrounding the toilet paper at our house, so I set out to discover  what is really going on and try and solve the toilet paper mystery once and for all. Listen to this story podcast here…




Blog Post; Things to Remember

Joining the Leaf Crazies

leafcrazies3It’s fall and the deciduous leaves are changing into crayon box colors of brightness and I remember our trip back east and cringe just a bit.

I was in my twenties, our daughter was 3, maybe 4, and we were on a plane from Seattle to Boston. It was the end of September, beginning of October and we were heading back for a week and a half to attend a conference and sight see.

I finally settled down to read and as I am opening my book my ears perk up at my neighbor’s conversation.  Continue reading the story here . . .

Life as it Comes; Podcast Episode 21

Shopping Pains

A humerous podcast about life.Sometimes something we enjoyed as a little kid becomes more of a chore as we get older and begin doing it ourselves. This is my relationship with grocery shopping. Listen to this story podcast here . . .





Blog Post; Things to Remember

Does happily Ever After Really Exist?

happilyeverafter7We grow up on Happily Ever After.

The book ends happy. The movie ending makes us sigh with contentment.

The boy and girl get together. The mystery is solved. A hero is born. The up and down conflict resolved. Now the characters can proceed with life and live Happily Ever After.

It was near the beginning years of our marriage, and I pacing back and forth in the mother’s room at church with a newborn. Life was rosy and bright and we riding into the sunset of Happily Ever After.    Continue Reading here . . . 

Life as it Comes; Podcast Episode 20

Dad’s Reading Legacy

A humerous podcast about life.Sometimes it is the small things we do that make a big impression and leave a lasting mark on others. To my Dad, reading aloud to us six kids after dinner on cold nights was such a little thing, but to me it was profound. It shaped me as a reader, writer, and taught me so much about life and people. It bonded us in ways that other things and activities did not. Those times of sitting around the dinner table and sharing and partaking of words have been my fondest memories of childhood. Listen to this story here . . .

Blog Post; Things to Remember

Remembrances and Winding Country Roads

remembranceswindingroads10Smells can resurface memories. So can locations.

My son and I are driving to Meramec State Park on a sultry day. Windows down, Hank the Cowdog  audio book streaming from speakers, happiness floating from our throats.

We are traversing windy country roads dotted with homes tucked between tree groves, limestone cliffs covered with vegetation, rolling hills softened by grass and trees. Two hours and one wrong turn later, as well as a stop to relieve growing bladders, we turn onto a stretch of roller coaster road. Not the adult ride, but the dips of the juvenile coaster. Continue reading here . . .

Life as it Comes; Podcast Episode 19

Finding Embarrassment at the Dollar General

A humerous podcast about life.

When my son and I undertake a last minute search for Noise Putty at the Dollar General, embarrassment ensues. I also learn maybe this is not the gift mother’s want sent home with their son after a birthday party. Who knew? Listen here . . . for the whole story.



Blog Post; Things to Remember

Why Laughter is So Contagious

whylaugingiscontagious6You hear someone laugh and what happens?

You often suddenly stop and engage to see what is happening. All the while your facial muscles are starting to smile, which is the first step of laughing.

And before you know it, you are often joining in and laughing. Especially if the laughter you happen to hear doesn’t immediately stop.

Why? Because laughter is like yawning. They are both contagious and easy to pass on. But why? Continue reading here . . .

Life as it Comes; Podcast Episode 18

Turn Off That Pressure Cooker and Get a Life

A humerous podcast about life.Sometimes a good idea spirals out of control and turns crazy. This happened my 12th summer when Mom decided to can some fruits and vegetables. 1,243 jars later we were all suffering from canners fatigue. This story podcast will have you smiling, hopefully laughing. Listen here . . .



Blog Post; Things to Remember

How to Handle the Hard No and Life’s

howtohandlethehardno10Life sometimes doesn’t turn out as we expect.

Sometimes it is so much harder and key dreams never come true. Maybe they never even take flight. Or never even get off the ground.

We want to get married, but no special other has appeared. We want to start a business, but every door seems closed. We want a good marriage, but that doesn’t seem to be happening. We want a child, but infertility seems to be our path. We want a promotion, but instead get downsized. We want a trial to quit, and instead it seems to get harder with no end in sight. Continue Reading here . . .

Life as it Comes; Podcast Episode 17

Conformist Garages

A humerous podcast about life.Not all ideas are equal. Especially when it comes to ideas for how to eliminate clutter within the garage. Let’s just say, a tarp and rope are not always the best way in which to proceed. Listen here . . .





Blog Post; Things to Remember

Why Community Is So Important

why-community-isimportant1Some mornings I lie in bed caught in that the half-awake-state that is so blissful and peaceful and I dream about a day with no interruptions. Not one all day.

A day where I can finish a thought without someone asking one of those mind sucking questions. What is for dinner? Where are my shoe? How old was I when I lost my first tooth?  Why are we out of toilet paper again?

I imagine a day where I am alone. No one in the house with me. I am the master of my 24 hours and I get to choose what I want to do first. Then next. And then next. Continue reading here . . .

Life as it Comes; Podcast Episode 16

Spider Dancing

A humerous podcast about life.Now where my fear of spiders came from, I am not sure. Perhaps it had something to do with my brother, the one who was older than me. He would find spiders, trap them in his hands, and then call me over to his side to see something. Trusting younger sister that I was, I would obligatorily trot over to his location. Then he would proceed to scare me with the spider in one of several manners. Listen here . . .


Blog Post; Things to Remember

The Perfect Gift

perfectgift2It was one of those days where I was rushing here and there and trying to do three things at once, because once 5pm comes, life slows down a little at our house as it heaves into an evening sigh.

I pulled into our driveway and noticed a small package and mail on the steps of our front door. Continue reading . . .

Life as it Comes; Podcast Episode 15

The Irritating Robot Voice

A humerous podcast about life.Sometimes a quick trip to the grocery store and self-checking a cart of items turns into your worst nightmare. How quick can you say self-checkout? A lot quicker than it actually takes to argue and wrestle items past the irritating robot voice. “Back and forth the machine and I struggle, Me trying to get my groceries scanned and bagged, and it trying to thwart each step of my progress.” Listen here . . .


Blog Post; Things to Remember

A Peek at My Week

peekatmyweek4My Biggest Blunder this Week (Also My Biggest Laugh)

I am talking with two friends when A says, “Okay, I am going to share a story with you. It’s a little,” and she shakes her head, “embarrassing. I hope it doesn’t cause your opinion of me to drop any lower.”

“Don’t worry,” I interject, “my opinion of you can’t fall any lower than it already is.” Continue reading here . . .

Life as it Comes; Podcast Episode 14

The Art of Spraying

A humerous podcast about life.Most people think spraying is easy. Little do they realize the self-control, the analytical math mind, and the sense of timing that accompany this job. It is a job not everyone should be trusted with. Anyone can spread soap bubbles on a car, but not everyone entrusted with a hose has enough self-control to resist spraying others. Listen here . . .


Blog Post; Things to Remember

Lego Movie, Control and Releasing

LegoMovie3Most anyone who has children and one million 400 trillion small geometrical shaped interlocking Lego pieces scattered throughout their house and hiding in more nooks and crannies than they thought a house could possibly contain has by now probably seen the “Everything is Awesome” Lego movie. And if their child is anything like mine, these same mothers have heard snippets of the “Everything is Awesome” song, by Tegan and Sara, 29 more times than they have heard their own quiet thoughts this past week. Okay, make it the past year. Read here . . .

Life as it Comes; Podcast Episode 13

Big Game Hunting at the Campsite

A humerous podcast about life.Sometimes camping turns a bit wild. Especially when some squirt gun wielding guy is trying to eliminate all the winged insects from the vicinity. Visions of relaxing under the pine trees and around the camp fire dissolve as things heat up.  Listen here . .




Blog Post; Things to Remember

Finding the Antidote

FindingtheAntidote 2An unwelcome visitor descended on our house this week.

It started with irritated skin, itching, and now bumpy skin, quickly turned to oozing, irritated, and red cracked skin. Yes, poison ivy descended for a lengthy visit on the youngest member of our household and a much milder case for the eldest member. Thankfully I was spared this round, but have not been so lucky in the past. Continue reading here . . .

Life as it Comes; Podcast Episode 12

Bunny Foo Foo Here and There

A humerous podcast about life.Sometimes an event causes one to execute the most perfect ten point jump and landing. A jump where more height is achieved  than on any prior attempt. And all this happens because a bunny is eating my tender perennials in my yard. Listen to this story here . . .




Blog Post; Things to Remember

Sweet and Sour, Happy and Sad

Sweet and Sour Lead PicIt’s that time of year again. Sweet and Sour. Black and White. Joy and Sorrow. Good and Bad. Happy and Sad. Excitement and Dread. Two opposites. More of one and less of the other, but still the two mingled together in some measurement. continue reading here . . .


Life as it comes; Podcast Episode 11


A humerous podcast about life.“Want to play Fictionary?” old neighbors from southern Illinois ask. “Pictionary?” I ask. “No, Fictionary. It’s a word game using a dictionary.”

Learn how chaos ensues during this game that tries to make something unbelievable seem true. Listen to this episode here . . .



Blog Post; Things to Remember

Scattered Blessings

ScatteredBlessing1Blessings, you know what they are.

It’s when you pull into the grocery store and there waiting for you is front row parking. It’s hearing the laughter of your husband after you’ve told him a joke. It is forgiveness from another you offended. It is a surprise you were not expecting. It is rain the day before you were going to water the flower beds. It is uninterrupted shower time. It is snuggling with little ones. It is a warm feeling of happiness that radiates from your heart. It is a hug and someone saying they love you. It is fitting into your jeans at the end of summer. It is appreciation. It is protection during a storm. It is a smile from the waitress. It is dinner with plenty of food. It is the greeting of a friend. It is waking up the next morning.  Continue reading here . . .

Life as it Comes; Podcast Episode 10

Motels, Sisters, and Cardboard Boxes

A humerous podcast about life.When my spendthrift sister and I try to book a trip together using hotel points, we run into a bit of a snag. Through creative thinking we devise another plan. Trouble was, my husband was a bit skeptical. Listen here.





Blog Post; Things to Remember

Ditch Digging, Being Silent,
and Keeping Company

DithDiggingHeaderPic My first inclination is not to sit out there with him. Wasting time, I might call it. And yet early on I learned that he likes me near when he does projects, often on weekends. He wants me close. Wants company. Wants to spend time together. Read more here . . .

Life as it Comes; Podcast Episode 009

What Are the Chances?

A humerous podcast about life.Do you ever get that deja-vu feeling? Where suddenly you are hit with bright light, or a bell goes off in your brain, but either way, you have this unmistakable feeling that you have been here before or done this same thing before? Maybe in a dream, during a time travel excursion, or perhaps on stage. Only you never have. Not even in a past life.      Listen here . . .


Blog Post; Things to Remember

Letter to My Brother


I was six when you were born. With you as a baby, I wanted to be a big girl and help mom. One day I asked to take a nap with you. We were lying on the playroom floor and you peed on me and the blankets. This dimmed some of the romance of having a baby brother.

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