Life is a wonderful and messy adventure.

Sometimes we enjoy the journey, and other times we are so busy trying to contain the mess and straighten up the crashing timbers falling into our path that we miss out on the wonder, laughter, beauty, and bittersweet moments that are calling for us to notice. So slow down, take a deep breath, laugh at the craziness and try not to miss out on the love, grace, and blessings from God that surround us and make life so enjoyable.

I write a blog and create a podcast, using words to unwrap the mysteries of life.

My goal is to encourage, entertain, and inspire you in your journey of life.

The blog is Things to Remember. Many posts include narrative stories that reflect on life and show how simple moments and everyday details point to God and His truth.

The podcast is called Life as it Comes. Most are funny stories concerning life and its misadventures – because we all need a laugh now and then to keep going and see things a little clearer.

Please enjoy and be encouraged by both.