Blog Post: Things to Remember

Relearning the Same Thing, Again

Sometimes it seems as if my life is on replay. Or maybe that it is punctuated with Deja-vu moments.

We were driving across Indiana when it began happening. My son was shivering and not feeling well. Basically miserable, he was, and I was trying to comfort him. Encourage him that this too shall pass. When it did pass. Up from his stomach and out onto his father’s coat that was lying across his body, the back seat, floor, and my shoes. Continue reading here . . .

Blog Post: Things to Remember

Imagine if You Can, How a Yes Changed it All

Can you imagine a world without Jesus?

A world where he was never born?

A world where our sins were not forgiven?

A world where grace and love were not free commodities?  Continue reading . . .

Blog Post: Things to Remember

What Turns You into  Screeching Tea Kettle?

Once when my mom questioned me about a fight I had gotten into with my sibling, I blurted out the classic excuse. “They made me so mad.”  If you have been alive for very long, you have either heard this excuse or used it. Because it is the classic point-the-finger-at-the-other-person excuse. The I-am-innocent-and-they-are-guilty excuse. The it-is-their-fault excuse. I remember my mom saying, “No one makes you mad, Theresa. You allowed yourself to get mad.”  Needless to say, I was a little disappointed that my excuse didn’t work.  I didn’t want to hear about and admit my own responsibility in the situation, I wanted my sibling fairly tried and executed. Or at least disciplined. Read here . . .

Life as it Comes: Podcast # 41

Houdini, the Furry Escape Artist

A humorous podcast about life.If Houdini came back as a tongue lolling, tail wagging, and chest panting dog, I know which dog his spirit would reside within. The dog our friends owned and which we babysat. List to this story podcast and see if you know a dog like this. Listen here . . .





Blog Post: Things to Remember

Why Getting to Know All About You is a Good Idea: 5 Benefits

I had been married for a little over ten years when an engaged friend asked for one important piece of marriage advice.  Well, this tested my grey matter. Not because I truly know nothing about marriage, although it seems I know less the longer I have been married, but because I guess no one had ever asked me this before.  One piece of marriage advice? I pondered this challenge.  Smoke must have been beginning to seep from my ears as I tried to calculate an answer. Something worthy of great wisdom. Something she had not heard before. Something she could really use. I felt like Houdini bound in chains and a straitjacket trying to wiggle free in front of an audience.  Read more here .  . .  

Guest Post: Her View From Home

Counting Blessings on a Card Table

Thanksgiving was a big deal at our house when I was growing up.  So, naturally, when I married and started hosting my own, I continued the tradition.  Time and energy were put into planning the menu, decorating, cleaning the house, pulling out the best china and tablecloths. The night before I would bake at least four desserts. I wanted to present the best food and experience for the guests.  One year, I realized that while we had celebrated Thanksgiving with all kinds of family and friends, I had not spent a Thanksgiving with my dad for twenty-some years, mainly because my mom divorced him the same year I got married. Continue Reading here . . . 

Guest Post: Mothering Beyond Expectations

Dear First Time Mom

Congratulations! You have joined the honored circle of motherhood. It may look like most mothers have it all together, but the truth is, they really don’t. Most of us are trying to stay one step ahead of our children. Remember this. None of us have children and motherhood all figured out. None of us have it all together.

Here is a partial list of things to remember as a first-time mother. Continue reading here . . .

Blog Post: Things to Remember

How and Why We Must Learn to Say No

We women are nurtures, caretakers, lovers of others, and let-me-help-you serving machines. And that is wonderful and good. But these traits can cause trouble when we start getting to many tasks on our plates and wear ourselves out. You ever done that? Over committed and burned the oil of too-much-to-accomplish on both ends of the calendar page?  I have. And not only do I suffer, but those around me suffer. I get tired and cranky and very-little-patience fits me to a tee. And then I often topple into the martyr syndrome.  Not a pretty sight. And in that not-so-pretty-state, I am not helping myself or others very effectively. Which means I am not accomplishing what I set out to do. My desire to say yes is backfiring like a stubborn car with an engine problem. And if anyone will listen, my complaints are about as loud.  So, how can we learn to say no? Read how here . .

Blog Post: Things to Remember

Why We Can’t Say No, But Must

We women can be focused driven work machines. We strive to accomplish more than possible, spin the gears nonstop until after the day is done, and are often multi-tasking like a pro. We can change diapers with our eyes closed while planning a mental to-do list for the next 24 hours, cook dinner and give an oral spelling test at the same time, slam dunk a presentation at work and then transition to shuttling the kids to sports. Such is the skill of most women.  We are not born capable, multitasking, accomplish-all machines, but as time passes and we reach adulthood and acquire more responsibility, we hone and refine this hurry-and-accomplish-all-that-life-throws at us skill.  And this is a good thing.  But it can also be a not so good thing.  Continue Reading . . .

Blog Post: Things to Remember

The Weight of Words, Because They Matter

Words can inspire. They can paint a picture of hope. They can cause excitement. Words can disappoint. They can deceive. They can depress. The words that we select everyday, the words that bubble out of our mouth filling the air with sounds, the words we use to communicate, give commands, and tell a story can take so many roles. Comfort. Shame. Empower. Guilt. Convince. Convict. Cheer. Pain. Save. Destroy. Words have weight. They can slice to the nerve or tease a smile. They can change the direction of our life and influence our perception of our self, others, and the world. Continue reading here . . .

Blog Post: Things to Remember

Changing the World with the Everyday Mundane

Dear Beautiful Important One:  Yes, I am talking to you!  Sometimes our life seems normal. Mundane. Routine. Boring.  Very little excitement is popping into our daily grind, except when we sleep through our alarm and try to get ready in less than 2 minutes. Which of course can’t be done. Or maybe you count the dog getting sick in the middle of the living room rug as a change of pace. Or the news that your child who was too shy to speak in class, is now the class clown and was sent to the principal’s office three times last week.  Continue reading here . . .

Blog Post: Things to Remember

Relaxing in His Love

Watch new parents holding their tiny newborn and you instinctively smile, slow down a little, and feel all snuggly yourself. They cradle their baby so tenderly, coo and smile and baby talk quietly, and without thinking they often start rocking and moving a little bit. It is all so precious and beautiful.
And when they hand their treasured bundle to you, you start doing the same thing. Instinctively you are gentle. And without any warning, your heart swells with love and concern for this little one. When the baby’s eyes open and look at you, full of trust and squinting at the bright lights, you smile back and whisper nonsense. And if the baby smiles at you, or at least moves their lips into some form of an almost smile, well then you consider yourself blessed and brag to everyone that the baby smiled at you.  Continue reading here . . .

Blog Post: Things to Remember

The Illusion of Control

When we were dating, my hubby-to-be said that no child of his would pick their nose. How this conversation came about, I don’t remember. Maybe we were talking about pet peeves, or maybe we were stopped at a stoplight and there in the next car was a picker. Or maybe there was a small child nearby with his finger up his nose, grossing out my hubby-to-be. I remember saying, “Really?” After all, I felt I had a bit more experience on this topic. I had a brother and sister 16 and 13 years younger than me and I had babysat little ones. In my mind my experience stacked up pretty high, compared to his lack of experience. “Yes. No picking,” he said with authority. I remember just laughing a little and saying, “What are you going to do? Put corks up their nostrils?”  Continue reading here . . .

Blog Post: Things to Remember

Misspoken Prayers

My husband surprised me. There we were in church during prayer time. The beautiful time set aside to speak prayer requests into audible formation. The time just before we have communion and are fed as part of the family. He started praying for me. Blessings on my trip and time away for a few days to connect with other writers. My heart about melts. Prayers finish drifting heavenward. We are sitting there in the slight lull, and he leans over. “Ooops, I was also going to add . . .  . . . . . and I forgot,” he says.” Continue reading here . . .

Blog Post: Things to Remember

What We All Need: Now and Forever

From the time he was little, I have tried to let my son know that he is a blessing to our family. That without him our family would be missing something. “What would I do without you?” I would sometimes ask him. “I don’t know.” He would say. “I would have no little boy to read to, or tuck in bed, or tickle until he laughs,” I would say. Or something similar to let him know he was loved. One day, when he was around 6 or 7, we were in the kitchen together and I asked him if he knew how much I loved him? “No,” he teased. “Bigger than the universe,” I said. And then I asked. “What would I do without you?”
And for the first time he didn’t even hesitate. he said, “Without me you would be sitting around the house all day just crying.” Continue reading here . . .

Blog Post: Things to Remember

Getting Through the Tube

Sometimes the past sneaks up and bonks you on the head with a two-by-four and you are left gasping for breath and life.
When I checked in at the clinic there was no warning sign of what lay ahead. Nor was my memory yelling stop.
Maybe because the lady who checked me in had red hair and lots of freckles. Just like me. In fact I couldn’t help looking at all her freckles and wondering who had more. When she asked me to hold out my wrist so she could slip a plastic identification bracelet around it, I joked and asked if that was because they were afraid I might faint and they needed to know who to call?  Continue reading here . .

Blog Post: Things to Remember

Why is There Always Something to Complain About?

There is never a lack of things to complain about. Never a shortage. Rations are not ever enforced on complaints. No little man ever pops up and says, “Ma’am. I am sorry, but you’ve used all your complaints for the day. You will have to wait until tomorrow to begin complaining again. At midnight your allowance for complaints will be refilled. Until then I need you to refrain from complaining.”
And not only do we complain out loud to our husbands, friends, children, neighbors, the cashier at the grocery store, and anyone who we think will listen and not report us to the complaining police, we even complain in our mind. Silently, we complain and whine and think, “Oh no, not again.” Continue reading  . . .

Blog Post: Things to Remember

How to Stop an Argument

It’s a good feeling when people agree with us. When the person we are talking to is nodding their head and confirming our opinions and ideas, our likes and dislikes. Yes, to that decision. No, to that idea and political party. Yup, to our excitingly good idea. Definitely vanilla over chocolate.  Problem is, not everyone agrees with us. Not everyone thinks our way is the right way. The better way. Or even the only way. Continue reading here . . 

Five Minute Friday

Who Are You Guiding?

I never thought of myself as a guide. Sure my mother would say I needed to set a good example for my younger siblings, but in no way was I their guide. That was mom and dad’s job.

Then one day a few years into my marriage, my husband said to me, “Theresa, have you seen how you inspired Ann to go back to school?”

“What?” I said. Confused. Continue Reading here . . .

Five Minute Friday

Speak to Me

My husband will say to me, “Speak to me, Theresa.”  This means for me to tell him about my day, my feelings, what’s going on. Just speak about this or that.  That is what we bloggers are called to do. To speak to our people. To speak truth into their hearts, encouragement into their souls, love into their cracks, and hope into their dryness.  But if you are like me, sometimes I clam up and don’t know what to say when my husband says, “Speak to me.” Or when the audience is waiting for my words.  Continue reading here . . .

Blog Post: Things to Remember

Learning to Play, Again

When was the last time you played? Where you did something so fun you lost the track of time?
Or laughed with pure joy and delight and didn’t even care who heard you. Or just ran and then did a cartwheel (or maybe just turned in circles a few times), just because you were so happy and your body wanted to move? It seems as we get older and weighed down with responsibilities, play is not something we actively engage in. Something we pursue. An attitude we cultivate. It’s summer. And play and having fun is on the minds of a lot of children. But somewhere between the end of elementary school and college we think play is for toddlers. We think we are to cool to play. We may even lose the ability to play and be silly, unless we get around little ones thigh high and shorter. Want to learn how to play again?  Continue reading here . . .

Blog Post: Things to Remember

Sometimes We Need a Re-Do!

Sometimes you just need a reset. A do over. A mulligan. Another try. And not just me, but other people too. And we need to give them one. Handed on a plate and freely exchanged. We were in Chicago this year, visiting the aquarium. After wandering through the wet and watery exhibits and seeing everything from sea horses to dolphins to clown fish, we were getting hungry. Off to the cafeteria we headed.
We perused the choices. Funny how none of us were hungry for fish. I guess seeing lots of different varieties of fish does not make one hungry for fish. No, we were eyeing the pizza, soup, salad, and sandwiches. Continue reading here . . .

Blog Post: Things to Remember

What Voices Are You Listening To?

I come from a family of red heads. My parents had red hair. 4 of my 6 siblings had red hair. And just like blonde hair comes in different shades, so did our red hair. To me, my red hair was normal. I didn’t really give it a thought. Until about 4th grade. When a friend pointed out that I was the only person with red hair in class. Okay, in all three classes of 4th grade. My mind whirled. I had never thought of this or noticed this. But she was right. “Do you know what people think of when they see red hair?” she asked.  Continue reading here . . .

Blog Post: Things to Remember

Impressing Others is a Tricky Business

Why is that sometimes when we are trying to impress others all the magnetic poles line up to foil our attempts and mock us? I was walking into the restaurant, following the waiter through a tiled floor maze of occupied tables. Curtis was bringing up the tail. I felt a joy in him following me, watching me. We were still dating and I was trying to make a good impression. Read more here . . .

Life as it Comes: Episode #40

Security, Wanderings, and Ireland

A humorous podcast about life.Sometimes life does not go as planned. You almost miss a plane, but then you have a story to tell. Because everyone needs a story of their own. A story that people laugh at. A story that stars you. A story that is yours alone to tell.

Listen to this story and gain a smile.




Blog Post: Things to Remember

Exploding Expectations

Sometimes when I look back on my expectations, I laugh. Probably because some distance has developed and I am a little wiser. Hopefully.
I remember being confined for months to a hospital bed. Hour after boring hour I laid there. And I remember thinking that as soon as I had the doctor’s okay to blow the mattress and side rails,  I was jumping back up and life was returning to normal.
Unfortunately, I forgot I was healing from a broken back and other broken bones. I didn’t know it, but soon I would find out I was suffering from a bad head injury and other ailments. I didn’t know it as I laid on my back hour after hour, that it would be years before the pain and problems would subside and life would return to a new normal. Continue reading here . . .

Blog Post: Things to Remember

What if Your Body is as Good as it Gets?

There we were three women standing in my kitchen, my sister says, complaining about summer and swimsuits. How our bodies have changed since childbirth, nursing, and whizzing past twenty, and now we are almost entering our mid-thirties.
We were analyzing and complaining about how we were so self-conscious about our stomachs as a teen when we didn’t even have a stomach or know what a stomach was. How we were bemoaning our bodies and breasts and thighs back then and were so self-conscious, when comparted to now we looked like rock stars and didn’t even appreciate what we had. Continue reading here . . .

Life as it Comes: Episode #39

Dark Surprises, Dads and Stomachs

A humorous podcast about life.Sometimes the night does not go as you plan. As an adult and as a child. One night I wake up and hear more than a bump. Which gets me thinking about the night I knocked on my dad’s door and told him I had a surprise for him.

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads!

Listen to this story podcast here, because we all need a smile, perhaps even a laugh.



Blog Post: Things to Remember

Summer Attitude and Flexibility

Flexibility. It’s a word my sister has been bantering around in conversations. A word she is trying to become.

With summer just inching into its place at our house, I have been thinking of flexibility and what it means. Especially in the quiet of morning, when the birds are chirping about their breakfast in the back yard. Right before hubby, having been up since some crack-of-dawn time, enters the bedroom, telling me the day is half over. Who ever heard of the day being over at 7am? Not me. I guess that is why we balance each other out. Or we balance out the day. One of us is up to greet it; the other is tells it good night. Continue reading here . . .

Blog Post: Things to Remember

Hiding From the Kirby Man

I am laughing from a joke with the family and loudly say hello when I answer the phone. There is a whisper at the other end. “This is Lisa.” “Our neighbor,” I announce to my husband and son. “Yes, Lisa. What’s up?” “He’s back,” she whispers. “Hide and don’t answer the door.”  “Oh no,” I say dropping my voice to a whisper and frantically shushing the testosterone lounging in the living room. “He’s coming down our cul-de-sac. He just rang our bell. He should be at your door next.” “Thanks,” I whisper. “Everyone hide and no one answer the door,” I hiss. Continue Reading here . . .

Life as it Comes: Podcast #38

The One Fatal Flaw

A humorous podcast about life.Why is it we are all born with one fatal flaw? The worry flaw. The need to worry about anything and everything. It seems we all carry around a container of worries. Some have small bags of worries, the size of a checkbook and a few credit cards. Others have a medium box of worries, the size of a shopping bag. Others have a three drawer filing cabinet of worries. Still others have a large cupboard of worries, big enough to hide a large screen TV. So how does this worry thing work? Listen and find out. Listen to this story podcast here . . .


Blog Post: Things to Remember

Silencing Secrets

When I was 12 or so we headed three states over to visit in-laws. One day my cousin took my younger sister, older brother and I to visit a family friend, who turned out to be about as old a man as they come. Or at least I thought so at the time. He seemed so old I wondered how he could live alone.

My aunt had praised him. My cousin had told us how wonderful he was. Just like a friendly old grandpa. But I had my doubts. He seemed old, and  . . . I wasn’t sure what. But there was something I didn’t like about him. He made me feel uneasy. His house made me feel uneasy. But being a polite child, I said nothing.   Continue Reading here . . .

Why Little Boys Love Peeing Outside

Guest Post at Kindred Mom

We were three mothers standing in the cul-de-sac chatting about trivial things. Ripe strawberries, dogs, lost socks, dinner. The 5 children (1 girl and 4 boys), were playing kid stuff that involved running, stopping, yelling, bossing, and more running. We ladies were in the middle of a good laugh when my neighbor to the south glances at my front yard. Faster than a gate can swing shut in a cough of wind, her mouth fell open and her eyes widened to maximum orbit. She tried to say something, but only a few scratchy rounded vowel tones emerged from her tonsils. Her hands, though, were making small circles in the empty air as if they were grasping for something unseen.  Continue reading here . . . at Kindred Mom.

Blog Post: Things to Remember

Kindness and Compassion Please!

Mother’s Day can be a day of conflicting emotions.

The week leading up to it and the day can fill us with so many mixed emotions. Maybe because we all carry different scars and experiences and life is complicated.

Continue reading here . . .

Life as it Comes: Podcast #37

Salsa Salad Momma

A humorous podcast about life.There is a reason why at potlucks women should run to the front of the line. If they wait until all the males have gone, there remains only vegetable salad, and a lot of empty dishes needing washing. I knew this, so I should not have left the room to chat with a girlfriend on the phone after dinner was ready. That was mistake number one. Listen and find out what mistake number two was.




Blog Post: Things to Remember

Embrace Your Mothering Instinct

You see it in young girls. A little girl is holding her baby doll to her chest and talking to it. Something distracts her and off she wanders. Soon she notices her brother tossing her baby off the picnic bench where she had so carefully placed her. It seems her brother wants the doll’s seat. Indignation rises in the small girl and she marches over to her older brother and starts demanding he treat her baby nicely. Doesn’t he know he has hurt her baby? Continue Reading here.

A Letter to My Daughter: Remember This

Guest Post at Prayers for Girls

Theresa BoedekerSometimes spoken words do not make it past our daughter’s ears.

And sometimes what has been working before, no longer works in the relationship, like tickling and hugging the frown off her face. When this happened to me, I turned to pen and paper and wrote a letter to encourage my daughter.

Dearest Ashley, Remember I always wanted you. From the time I missed my period, I prayed you would be healthy and spunky.  Continue reading here . . .



Life as it Comes; Podcast #36

Wanted by the Vitamin Police

A humorous podcast about life.Sometimes communication is much harder than is seems it should be. And sometimes confusion happens with perplexing results. Listen here and find out what happens.







Blog Post: Things to Remember

Yay for Mistakes! Part 11 | Dealing With Critical Words From Mistakes

You know the feeling. You are trying to do your best and someone starts shooting words that send you for a loop. Words that make you want to hide in the back of the coat closet. Words that cause you to start doubting yourself and think something is wrong with you. Words that snatch your smile, send your emotions for a look, and erase your worth away in an instant. Words that bruise you, but leave no outward mark.  Continue reading here . . .

Guest Post at Missional Women

Encouraging Spring’s Potential In Others

Winter is my least favorite time of the year.

Trees are bare wood pointing towards nothing in particular. Flowers have sunk into the ground. Perennial bushes sport clumpy circles of dried leaves at their feet. Even the grass lies dormant.

Nature seems closed for the season. Gray and brown starkness lingers.

Slowly as spring swings into the hemisphere, I rejoice. Nature clothes itself in green leaves. Bright colored flowers shoot forth for bees to pollinate. The sun shines brighter and longer. Creation bursts forth in song, color, and symphony. Continue reading here . . .

Blog Post: Things to Remember

Yay for Mistakes! Part 10 | Letting Go To Make Mistakes

We have one at home, the other launched in the world.

One is asking what is for dinner. One is asking what to make for dinner.

One is shopping for Legos. One is grocery shopping.

One is learning basketball skills. The other is learning to manage a home.

One is dependent, one is married.

One is in middle school and learning a work ethic. The other has completed graduate school and worked as a reference librarian.

One is an uncle, the other a new momma.  Continue reading here . . .

Life as it Comes; Podcast Episode #35
Try Again! No, Again!

A humorous podcast about life.Sometimes your problem is so different, that when you call customer service to report it, they don’t take you seriously. In fact they think you may be making it up! This is what happened when I called the phone company to finally report our problem. But, come on! Weird things can be true. Even if there is no box for customer service to mark because no one has ever called about a problem like this before.  Listen to this story podcast here . . .


Blog Post: Things to Remember

Yay for Mistakes! Part 9 | Dealing With Really Big Mistakes

It was a sunny fall day. We had just left my mother’s home and were driving down the road with my step-father. It seemed the beginning of an adventure as we were chatting and laughing about leaving on time, the sunny day, and our afternoon festivities.

I glanced at my husband, and admired his good looks. I peeked at our five-year-old daughter behind my seat. I glanced down the road and saw a dump truck coming up the hill. I felt giddy with joy in the moment.

The next thing I remember is a school bus starting to turn into our lane. She is going to stop, I think. She didn’t. Continue reading here . . .

Blog Post: Things to Remember

Yay for Mistakes! Part 8 | Some Mistakes Are Really Blessings in Disguise

Sometimes I make a small ruckus before my birthday, just to remind everyone it is coming up, and sometimes I don’t. Well a few years back I didn’t. It snuck up on me, like a cat on padded feet. I gave the month-in-advance warning, maybe the two-weeks warning, and then silence.

I woke up the day of and no one said anything. I was a little surprised, but decided to not say anything because perhaps it meant they were planning a bigger surprise for that evening. Or maybe they were employing the we-will-ignore-your-birthday-trick, to make you think we forgot, and then surprise we didn’t. Continue Reading here . . .

Life as it Comes | Podcast Episode #34

Chinese Fire Drill

A humorous podcast about life.Sometimes you just need to throw caution to the wind on a dark, rainy night and try something a little daring. Chinese Fire Drill anyone? Around an old blue VW bug! Everything is going good until shortly thereafter, revolving lights are noticed in the rear view mirror.

Listen to this humorous story podcast here . . .


Blog Post: Things to Remember

Yay for Mistakes! Part 7 | Mistaking Paradise

Why do we search so hard for and dream about a mistake free day? The perfect day? 24 hours in paradise?

I know I would never turn down a day that was encircled by a mistake-free-zone. Where the mistakes and foibles of others and myself had no influence or effect on my current day. Had no tendrils that reached into the next day and the next.

But is utopia the best place for us to reside?   Continue reading here . . .

Blog Post; Guest Post at Christen Spratt

Offering Hope to the Interrupted Mom

It’s one of those days. Interruptions abound. They just won’t leave me alone.

Claire, stops by to pick up her large green parrot who I’ve been babysitting for three weeks and whose cage I frantically cleaned this morning. She chats and plays with her bird. Meanwhile, I’m thinking, take him home and let me get back to the numerous projects on my to-do list.

A charity calls, asking for a donation. “Don’t you want to be one of those people who help a dying child’s dream come true?” I mumble yes. “Great, I’ll connect you with Joanne who will go over your information.” I clutch the phone, rolling my eyes, feeling guilty that I am so impatient, when dying children are waiting for their dreams.

Continue reading Offering Hope for Mom’s in the Trenches — a guest post for Christen Spratt


Blog Post; Things to Remember

Yay for Mistakes! Part 6 | Mistaking Our Worth

My red-haired friend from Grad school calls me. The one who is a writing sister and who encouraged me to teach English, like she did.

She had just had her 60th birthday.

“Why?” she asks, “Do I still feel like I am still a little kid who hasn’t yet figured out life or even gotten her life together?”

I am not sure what to say. This is my friend who when we chat we always laugh more than be serious. We even end up laughing about serious things. Like her husband divorcing her for a younger woman, or me lying in bed for months with a broken back. Not because these things were funny, but because it relieved our stress and  the hardship of life. And because for a moment we glimpse hope and the end of the thing. Continue reading here . . .

Life as it Comes | Podcast Episode #33

True Green and Garage Chaos

A humorous podcast about life.When it sounds like a cannon has just been fired off your roof, the sound is often coming from something else. Unless you live in London next to Mary Poppins. Clue two: It is rarely your refrigerator slamming forward to the kitchen floor. So what could it be? To solve the mystery, listen to this story podcast here . . .



Blog Post; Things to Remember

Yay For Mistakes! Part 5 | Quieting a Myth of Mistakes

My son sat next to me, sadness radiating from him.
“What’s wrong?’ I ask.
“I hate it when people get angry with me.”
I nodded.
“And when I disappoint people.”
I nodded again.
“If I could just always say and do the right thing and not make mistakes, then no one would be angry at me again.”   Continue reading here . . .

Blog Post; Things to Remember

Yay For Mistakes! Part 4
How to Let Our Children make Mistakes and Fail

It was the first overnight birthday party my daughter had been invited to since we had moved half way across the continent and she had started a new school.

Excitement buzzed in the air as we drove home and she regaled me with all the details. All the seventh-grade girls would be attending.

Everything seemed in order until Ashley mentioned the movies they were going to watch. All were fine, except one. A scary movie.  Continue reading here . . .

Life as it Comes; Podcast Episode #32

Things to Avoid Saying, Especially When Others Are Around

A humorous podcast about life.Somethings are better left unsaid. Especially if others are within a 25 foot radius. An empty house is a good bet, but this is hard to come by if you reside with others. Listen and learn from some of my past foot-in-mouth experiences. Listen to this story podcast here…




Blog Post; Things to Remember

Yay for Mistakes! Part 3
Responding to Our Children’s Mistakes

Many of us are afraid of making mistakes because we associate making mistakes with something bad. Something to be avoided at all costs.

I developed this attitude as a child. I lived in fear of doing or saying the wrong thing. Of making a mistake and people not liking me. Of embarrassing myself. Of my pride being hurt. And worst of all, of not being loved. Continue reading here . . .

Blog Post; Things to Remember

Twinkling Mom

Christian stamps his foot hard against the tile floor, imitating his mother’s Irish dancing. He stamps three times in a row and laughs, proud of his accomplishment and the sound reverberating through the air.

Sure, I taught him those complicated dance moves, to eat with a spoon, say please, grunt when lifting, and scoot backwards down the stairs, but during our 21 months together he’s taught me things much more valuable. Because of his toddler tutelage, I have a brighter motherly shine.  Continue reading here. This is a guest post for Kindred Mom.

Blog Post; Things to Remember

Yah for Mistakes! Part 2, How to Respond

Mistakes happen. Everyday. All the time.

Live long enough and you’ll make some. Try something new and you will make mistakes.

So how can we respond that turns making mistakes into our advantage?   Continue reading here . . .

Life as it Comes; Podcast Episode 31

Have You Pulled a Theresa?

A humorous podcast about life.This podcast takes a humorous look at making mistakes. It also ties in with my blog series on mistakes. I don’t know about you, but my life seems full of making mistakes. There are so many to make and so many combinations that life is never dull. In this story podcast I categorize some of these goof ups. Or as my daughter and I like to call these mistakes, ‘pulling a Theresa.’

Listen here to this story podcast . . .

Blog Post; Things to Remember

Yah for Mistakes! Part 1, What Do You Do?

Okay! Your day is going pretty good. You’re cruising from one thing to another. Ticking off the boxes and lo and behold accomplishing some stuff. You’ve even had your first cup of coffee or tea. You are dressed. I mean, dressed in something you would not be embarrassed to answer the door in. Clothes you could leave the house wearing without wondering how much the car door really covers you and how much other commuters can see of you.

You are going along fine and then bam!!! You make a mistake.

Nothing earth shattering, but an honest to goodness mistake.

What do you do when you make a mistake?  Do you yell, “Yeah for mistakes!”    Continue reading here . . .

Blog Post; Things to Remember

Do You Feel Outside the Circle?

Do you ever feel like you don’t fit in? That you are different from everyone else? That you belong about as much as a circle in a room of hexagons?

I think we all sometimes feel this way.

Sometimes it seems we really don’t fit in. Maybe we are the odd woman out. The only homeschooling mom in a room full of business women. The only redhead in a room of blondes. The only twenty something in a room of fifty and overs. The solitary man among a bus load of women. The one Republican among Democrats. The apartment dweller surrounded by home owners. The lone Methodist amidst Catholics. The one dog visiting the cat museum. The only person breathing at the mortuary.   Continue reading here . . .