Published Work

I write non-fiction, poetry, and fiction under both my married name, Theresa Nelson, and my maiden name, Theresa Boedeker.

My work has been published in over 50 publications: ParentLife, Seek, Splickity Prime, Simple Joy, Women of the Spirit, Focus on the Family, Sunset, Instructor, The Computing Teacher, and Reminisce.

Click on the below titles to view some of my published work.

Outhouse Adventures, Splickety
Laughing With Abandon, Activated Magazine
Raising Perfect Children, Christian Home and School
Moving Beyond Life’s Messes, Home Life
Skinny Ankles, Baby Belly, and Forgiveness, Ruby for Women
Turn Off that Pressure Cooker and Get a Life, Prairie Times
A Recipe for Success, Reminisce
The Cycle of Our Life, Christian Home and School
Conservation Cycling, Missouri Conservationist
Reading Past Memories, Flashlight Memories


Plowing Fields, Time of Singing
Locker Smells, Writer’s Ink
First Meeting, Between the Lines
By the Lake, Between the Lines
Ashley, Crosscurrents
Weekend Visit at Mom’s, Between the Lines


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Letter to My Daughter; Remember This, Prayers for Girls | 4/28/2017
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Deciding to Identify the Graces of Life, Blessed Transgressions | 4/19/2017
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The Friendship Moment of Change, Life Letter Café “Find it Here on Fridays” | 1/18/2017
Would You Enter a Different Reality?, Blessed Transgressions | 12/12/2016
Wrestling with Guilt and Shame, Blessed Transgressions | 11/20/2016


7 Questions Sunday: Theresa Boedeker & Life as it Comes, by David JB Miller | Life Letter Café


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