Life as it Comes – a Story Podcast

My goal is to encourage, entertain, and inspire you in your journey of life.

Welcome to Life as it Comes, a podcast dedicated to making you smile, perhaps even laugh at life’s unplanned and surprising moments.

Life is full of hiccups and road bumps, so life rarely goes as smoothly or in the direction we planned. Life as it Comes highlights these true real-life moments.

Moments that when they happen we may want to curl up and shoot through the floor to avoid embarrassment. But as time passes, and we realize life is far from perfect, these moments often become funny stories. Life as it Comes is full of these funny stories.

Like the time you wanted to die of embarrassment when after a long day at work you are headed to the car and you notice, just as you are about to hop in the car, a two-foot-length of toilet paper attached to your shoe bottom. A not so pure white ribbon that must have been trailing you since your last visit to the restroom. Sure you will be shocked and horrified and a number of other things that would be unwise to mention here. But maybe after about 25 years, and two moves, this may become a funny story you tell family and friends, just to hear their belly laughs.

Enjoy these podcasts of Life as it Comes, because we all need a laugh now and then to keep going and see things a little clearer.


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A humorous podcast about life.