Life as it Comes; Episode 17

Conformist Garages

A humerous podcast about life.Not all ideas are equal. Especially when it comes to ideas for how to eliminate clutter within the garage. Let’s just say, a tarp and rope are not always the best way in which to proceed.






Join the Discussion: What is your method of cleaning your garage? Any crazy ideas? Good ideas?

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8 Replies to “Life as it Comes; Episode 17”

  1. Theresa, I love hearing your voice! And I sympathize with the garage problem. How do we collect so much stuff? You may have inspired a project! Ask me about it in two months 🙂

    • Okay two months it is! LOL My husband, with only a small amount of help from me, cleaned our garage to sparkling a few weeks ago. I am just hoping it stays that way. It’s amazing how quickly chaos descends once again.

  2. I live across the street from a perfect garage that has no clutter. NONE. None in 12 years! I envy her garage, so clean WITH only a freezer and 2 chairs in it.
    Me? I have tools, lawn mower, ant killer, hoses, sprinklers, camping gear, etc., and Boxes!! “Can’t get rid of the boxes!!” I moved 21 times in my first 15 years of marriage. I have been in the same house for almost 13 years now and still have my boxes! Wow, time for them to go.

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