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Podcast Episode 42:
Cough Notes


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The flu never sneaks up, like a silent cat getting closer and closer. No. Wham, bam, the flu hits you over the head and wrestles you to the ground and hog ties you to the bed for days. And when you do get up, you feel like a wrung washcloth that is dehydrated and limp.

We were also left with a cough that seemed to never depart. I thought of a great way to make money on our cough, but the boys . . . well, their enthusiasm was less than great. Some people just have a hard time seeing the big picture.  Listen and find out what happens.


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Cough Notes | Episode 42 of Life as it Comes. It took 5 days for my husband to recover from the flu. When he got up, he was walking so slow I wasn't sure he was even moving. In the time it took him to get out of bed and arrive at the table, I was able to make dinner from scratch, as well as whip up a peach pie.

Join the discussion: What’s your experience with the flu?

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