Life as it Comes #28 | Traveling Toilet Seats

Traveling Toilet Seats

A humorous podcast about life.When our toilet seat breaks, sending someone sliding to the floor, my son and I hatch a new plan. The Traveling Toilet Seat Plan. No laughing, please. This may be one  you want to implement too. Just remember, you first heard about it here.




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For your entertainment, or a unique gift idea, check out these toilet games. Who says bathroom time should not be fun?


Join the Discussion: So what are your thoughts on the Traveling Toilet Seat Plan? Should we be patenting this idea soon?

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Description: When our toilet seat breaks, my son and I hatch the Traveling Toilet Seat Plan. A hillarious, free, and family-friendly podcast.

10 Replies to “Life as it Comes #28 | Traveling Toilet Seats”

  1. My question is: do you also carry your own toilet seats when traveling across the country via plane? What does airport security say?

    This is a cute and funny blog. It wasn’t what I was expecting so it was that much funnier. I like Christian’s responses too. He has a good sense of humor.

  2. I have traveled and packed my traveling toilet seat when visiting other people! Or rather, I’ve brought my toddler’s potty training seat that fits on the toilet. 🙂 Thank you for the laughs in this episode. -Ashley

  3. Thanks for the reminders to keep my heart and eyes wide open in God’s classroom of lessons in life, and to keep my sense of humor switch in the “ON” position. Blessings from your neighbor at Holley’s

  4. You guys are so much funny! I think most of the child are not comfortable with the new toilet like my kids. I used to carry a portable travel toilet seat that can fold. This is great and lightweight to carry on. But for me? ohh! it’s impossible. I think someone always on fire need to utilize one special portable toilet chair not seat with him or her. LOL

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