Life as it Comes #37 | Salsa Salad for Momma

Salsa Salad for Momma

A humorous podcast about life.There is a reason why at potlucks women should run to the front of the line. If they wait until all the males have gone, there remains only vegetable salad, and a lot of empty dishes needing washing. I knew this, so I should not have left the room to chat with a girlfriend on the phone after dinner was ready. That was mistake number one. Listen and find out what mistake number two was.




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And Happy Mother’s Day to all you hard working, self-sacrificing, awesome mommas! You are making this world a better place. Even if it feels like one dish, sock, and runny nose at a time.



4 Replies to “Life as it Comes #37 | Salsa Salad for Momma”

  1. Nice podcast good humor made me laugh, Haha you should have made salsa salad on the night you were going out with friends and son and husband were home.

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