Life as it Comes #29 | Hiding Things

Hiding Things

A humorous podcast about life.Now I am not usually in the habit of hiding things on purpose in our house, except Christmas gifts and chocolate, but in our house anything in the fridge seems to be available for free range. If I buy a some ingredient for a special dinner, announcing to everyone not to eat it, I have a 50% chance that it will still be there when I need it.



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Join the Discussion: What kinds of things do you hide deliberately or accidentally at your house?

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Description: This funny episode is especially for mothers who sometimes hide things in the house deliberately or accidentally. Listen for a laugh and for encouragement.

8 Replies to “Life as it Comes #29 | Hiding Things”

  1. I deliberately hide my diary and sometimes candy. I accidentally hide keys, glasses, my cell phone, and pens. I should hide and forget grudges, bad thoughts, and nightmares. Thank you for another interesting podcast!

  2. Visiting you from Coffee for Your Heart. Enjoyed your story. Thanks for sharing the fun of having a sister. I only have a brother and he wasn’t interested in my things. I don’t really feel the need to hide things very often. Have a day full of sweet blessings.

  3. It is so nice hearing the story of the doll. I thought I wrote my name across the back from shoulder to shoulder. Except I wrote so large (I was only 5) that I only was able to fit BLIS and had to put the other S under the BLIS. Funny how I remember that. Maybe I wrote on more then one doll? Lol.

    I am so glad to have a Sister who still loves me in spite of my wanting all your clean and more interesting treasures growing up. Now you are the true treasure!

  4. The joke in our family is that someday we will discover an entire extra room filled with all of the stuff that I put in a “very safe place”. The kids now groan when I say that I put something “somewhere safe” – since I do not usually remember where that place is, sigh…..

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