Life as it Comes #41 | Houdini, the Furry Escape Artist

Houdini, the Furry Escape Artist


A humorous podcast about life.If Houdini came back as a tongue lolling, tail wagging, and chest panting dog, I know which dog his spirit would reside within. The dog our friends owned and which we babysat.

Listen to this story of escape and intrigue. Who knows, you may even smile.




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6 Replies to “Life as it Comes #41 | Houdini, the Furry Escape Artist”

  1. Excellent podcast!!! Very descriptive. I could see the dog in my mind’s eye pacing the yard. Still friends with the dog’s owners? They ask to dogsit again? You tell them what their baby had done? They offer to repair/replace the portion of the damaged fencing? What was the culprit’s real name? ( you did change the name to protect the guilty, right?)

  2. Thanks Colleen. Yes, still friends with the owners. They were very apologetic and good sports about it all. Thankfully our friendship is much bigger than a prison breaking dog. No more babysitting, though, until Houdini (name changed to protect the innocent) gets some therapy about his dislike of wooden fences. 🙂

  3. That was a good story! Poor Curtis!!

    Glad the dog did not figure out the toy set by the fence sooner. Poor Curtis would have had to put a 50 lb rock on it. Lol

    When my husband wanted a dog my first questions were: 1. Is it a hunting dog? (they like to follow a sent/ run away). 2. Is it a barker? 3. Is it a digger or climber? 4. Is it easily trained/smart? To me those are the most important questions when getting a new dog. Houdini I think did all but bark non-stop. Lol Babysitting is the best way!

    • You had me laughing so hard about Curtis having to put a 50 pound rock on the toy set. Now that would have been something to see. LOL

      Yes, important questions to ask before getting a dog. And yes, babysitting is the very best way!!

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