Life as it Comes; Episode 18

Turn Off That Pressure Cooker and Get a Life

A humerous podcast about life.My 12th summer I suffered from canner’s fatigue when my sister, brother, Mom, and I canned an astonishing 1,243 jars of fruits and vegetable. We weren’t far into the summer when we all thought mom’s great idea was getting a bit demanding. We searched the phone book hoping to find a local chapter of Canners Anonymous, but couldn’t find one. Problem two was where to store all these jars of food. Then Mom began asking people for watermelon rinds. Something was clearly up.



Join the Discussion: Have you ever been involved in something like this? Something you look back on and laugh at?

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6 Replies to “Life as it Comes; Episode 18”

  1. This story is hilarious!!! As much as you hated it at the time though, I am sure you learned perseverance, generosity, and hard work skills that few kids would learn so repeatedly every day for a whole summer!

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