Thanks for Stopping By

Whether you are visiting by choice or chance, I am glad you are here. I am a wife, mother, writer, teacher, and participant of this glorious journey. I don’t have everything figured out, but I enjoy writing about life and the adventure it provides.
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My writing has appeared in over 50 publications. As an English teacher, I have taught literature, poetry, and composition to elementary through college students.

I am a big fan of commas, chocolate, and walk-in closets. I like growing flowers, reading, walking, designing jewelry, teaching, painting rooms, visiting friends, and helping others. I grew up in Washington State, moved to the Midwest as an adult, and dream about living in an English cottage surrounded by riotous gardens. Some of my most favorite activities are spending time with my husband and two children, laughing, writing, and lounging on my porch swing.

Please read my blog and listen to my podcast and explore my world.

My blog is called Things to Remember. Posts reflect on life and show how simple moments and everyday details point to God and His truth.

My podcast is is called Life as it Comes. These are funny stories about life and its misadventures – because we all need a laugh now and then to keep going and see things a little clearer.