The Perfect Gift

perfectgift5perfectgift1It was one of those days where I was rushing here and there and trying to do three things at once, because once 5pm comes, life slows down a little at our house as it heaves into an evening sigh.

Yes, it was just another normal day, like most are, when I pulled into our driveway and noticed a small package and mail on the steps of our front door.

Not having recently ordered anything, I wondered what it was.

I lugged a few bags of groceries into the house and then examined the mail.

Interesting. The package was from my sister.

I figured it was her returning something she had borrowed.

perfectgift6Now here is a tidbit about myself. I grew up in a family that didn’t celebrate Christmas or birthdays. And funny thing, so did my husband. So together we have two people who never received many gifts or even think about giving gifts much because it is not part of our culture or tradition. We end up showing our love in other ways.

Okay, don’t think we are scrooges. Yes, we buy gifts for our children and celebrate birthdays and Christmas, but my husband and I are more the type who will sees a gift and then gives it to our children or each other for no reason.

My siblings and I rarely give gifts to each other. Not sure why or why not. Just don’t. Probably because we never did growing up.

We visit each other and make wonderful meals for each other, take each other places and pay for it, and give gifts of time and attention more than things. Although, we may send each other a birthday card.

If there was a gift giver in my family of origin, it would have to be my dad. He always sent birthday cards and gave gifts on his visits, and sometimes just because. Once I was complaining to him about not being able to find my favorite pencil and pen, because they had also turned into my son’s favorite writing utensils. Shortly afterwards, dad sent me several pens and pencils with a note to hide them so I would be able to use them when I got the urge.

perfectgift2Anyway, all that to say, if I get a package on my doorstep, a gift is not my first thought, or even my tenth.

So I opened the box, thinking it was DVDs my sister was returning. Imagine my surprise when I pulled out some shopping bags, used for packing material, and unwrapped some tissue paper and there was a short note from my sister saying that when she saw this it reminded her of me. It had also made her laugh.

Now laughter, is something my sister and I do a lot of when we are together. So I was intrigued and wondered what it was.

It turned out to be a gift from my sister, and sent just because.

The back was mint green and made of wood. I turned the small plaque over and read it. And I also had to laugh. This is what it said:
perfectgift7It was the perfect gift. The perfect reminder that she will always be there for me and love me and want the best for me. And even if I want to get away from her, I can’t. Because no matter what, she will always be my sister and there is nothing I can do to change that fact. Nothing. Nada.

And you know what. That is a comforting thought. A reassuring thought. Who doesn’t want someone guarding their back? Loving them unconditionally?

And the same is true if you are a child of God.

perfectgiftquote2He is there for you because you are his child. No matter what you say or do or how you act. He is there through thick and thin. Famine and feast. Ship wreck and home wreck. On the mountain top and in the valley. He is our father and we are his children. Nothing can separate us, even death.

And now that we are his children. There is nothing we can do about it. So sit back and enjoy it. Revel in your position. Enjoy his gifts.

I put the plaque on a shelf in my office. And when I look at it, it always brings a smile. Sometimes a laugh.


My sister and I

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