Life as it Comes #11 | Fictionary


A humerous podcast about life.Chaos develops when we learn how to play Fictionary, a game that takes an active imagination and the talent of making something unbelievable seem like the truth. Learn what shadoof and minaudiere may possibly mean.




Learn to play Fictionary, a fun game that only takes a dictionary, paper and pencil, and some people. Here are written directions:; or this one; Try this game and let the laughs begins.


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Description: Chaos develops when we learn how to play Fictionary. This episode of the podcast Life As It Comes takes on a funny bluffing game and everyday family humor.

5 Replies to “Life as it Comes #11 | Fictionary”

  1. I like card games and Scrabble. My brothers love Monopoly especially when they can out beat and outdo one another. When one of them gets the first hotel on Park Place it is time to go home.

  2. Hi – for those who love Fictionary, there’s a version that has been played online for the last 25 years. We’re looking for new players, so check us out at
    Along with shadoof and minaudiere, how about making up believable definitions for oxygal or williwaw. I’m happy to help out any newbies.

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