Life as it Comes Podcast #36 | Wanted by the Vitamin Police

Wanted by the Vitamin Police

A humorous podcast about life.

Sometimes communication is much harder than is seems it should be. And sometimes confusion happens with perplexing results. Listen to this story and find out what happens.





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6 Replies to “Life as it Comes Podcast #36 | Wanted by the Vitamin Police”

  1. I did not know you can’t buy vitamins on the internet! Good to know!! (Don’t turn me in.)

    Loved your story! Sounds like the time my brother walked in on a conversation our family was having. He said, “Mrs Hoyer is having a baby?” And my Mom, being sarcastic, answered, “Yes and on TV!” No, we weren’t talking about Mrs. Hoyer or who was pregnant.
    After that, anytime someone added to a conversation they knew nothing about, we would say, “Yes, and Mrs. Hoyer is having a baby on TV!” It was a nice way of telling the family member “you are way off on what you thought we were talking about.”
    Funny. I still say that sometimes and get the strangest looks from the kids I say it to. Makes for a good story and lesson on not including yourself in a conversation you know nothing about. Something I have done way to many times myself.

  2. Cute Cute! You definitely gave me a chuckle. Light-heartedness is a gift! Thank you.

    This reminds me of the time I took my ailing cat to the vet. The vet took blood and ran some tests. When he came back into the room to give me the results, my cat was very fidgety on top of the high examining table. He hemmed and hawed but I wasn’t really paying close attention to him because my cat kept wanting to jump down off the table. I didn’t know if he wanted her on the floor, so I finally looked at him and asked, “Should I put her down?” He looked at me, and in a certain relieved yet morbid tone said, “yes.”

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