Isn’t It Wonderful?


isint-it-wonderful-8isint-it-wonderful-7Isn’t it wonderful how cozy and smooth a freshly made bed feels?

Isn’t it wonderful how the right shoes can change an outfit?

Isn’t it wonderful how little we really need?

Isn’t it wonderful that each day is a fresh and new start?

Isn’t it wonderful how your heart still jumps with excitement at seeing your loved ones?

Isn’t it wonderful how refreshing and freeing it feels to laugh?

Isn’t it wonderful how a good book can transport you to new places and introduce you to new friends?

isint-it-wonderful-4 isint-it-wonderful-5 Isn’t it wonderful how good it feels to just stop and hug someone for a while?

Isn’t it wonderful how God keeps His promises so that we never need to doubt Him?

Isn’t it wonderful how friends provide such joy and refreshment to a day?

Isn’t it wonderful how children see the world so differently and with so much excitement?

Isn’t it wonderful to go on a date and be pampered?

Isn’t is wonderful to have so many roles – wife, mother, friend, sister, grandmother, aunt, co-worker, fixer of things, and companion?

Isn’t it wonderful to take a walk, hear the birds sing, feel the sunshine, and notice the flowers?

Isn’t it wonderful to have so many options and choices?

Isn’t it wonderful to accomplish something, little or big?

isint-it-wonderful-6Isn’t it wonderful to be loved?

Isn’t it wonderful to be able to attend church, worship with other believers, and have as many bibles as we want?

Isn’t it wonderful to live in freedom?

Isn’t it wonderful how sweet a baby feels and smells?

Isn’t it wonderful how abundant God’s grace it towards us?

Isn’t it wonderful how hearing an “I love you” never gets old or boring?

Isn’t it wonderful how a smile can so easily be passed on?

Isn’t it wonderful to comfort and encourage a friend in sorrow?

Isn’t it wonderful how quickly music can change your mood?

Isn’t it wonderful how flowers brighten up a day and space?

Isn’t it wonderful how the bible is new with each reading?

isint-it-wonderful1 isint-it-wonderful2 isint-it-wonderful3Isn’t it wonderful to sit around a table with others and talk and laugh and cry and tell stories and make memories upon memories?

Happy Thanksgiving!

May your gatherings be full of hope and excitement, may your stomachs feel content and full, and may you remember the thanks in Thanksgiving. The big things, like freedom and life, and the little things like forks, socks, and a blue crayon.

isint-if-wonderful-quoteJoin the Discussion: What are some wonderful things in your life right now?

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4 Replies to “Isn’t It Wonderful?”

  1. People who provide sound counsel and understanding.
    My dog.
    Loving family.
    Employment that pays the bills.
    Information on fascinating subjects.
    Good health
    And…. MOST of all. God

    This is a great blog and I especially love the pictures.

    • Colleen, thanks for your list of wonderful things.

      It has been fun taking the pictures. I was never much into taking pictures of plants and nature until a few years ago. The more pictures I take, the more I realize that there are some pretty wonderful things to take pictures of.

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